Diamond Drama Shows to the Elementary


Jarron Hembree, Editor in Chief

On May 3rd the Diamond Drama Program showed their spring musical “The Addams Family” to Diamond Elementary. The actors and actresses that starred in the musical are listed below. It was a very successful play that our Elementary kids enjoyed! The next showings that our available to the public is May 4th and May 5th of 2023 at 7:00 PM. Admissions is 5 dollars and Diamond Drama hopes to see you there!

Seniors:                              Juniors:                  Sophmores:               Freshman:

Bailey Danner                  Bri Oswald              Sean Harper              Emma Renfro

Nathan Gray                     Daniel Frick           Ren Greathouse

Daniel Potter                    AJ Guatney             Gage Starbuck

Isabella Lankford                                               Jerimiah Jarvis

Abby Cialini

Nick Malcom

Kilyn Gardley

Ty Mcdermott

Odalis Meza

Lydia Cupp

Megan Stevens

Ana Henson