Literature Department Presents Reader’s Podcast

Prowl Staff

Jarron Hembree , Bella Lankford, Editor in Chief and Managing Editor

In an attempt to bring more students to the library, one teacher is taking things to the future. Mr. Brandon Hall, Language Arts I and III, is starting a book review podcast starring students from the district.

Hall said the podcast would be good for other students to gain an opinion of what to read. Mrs. Debra Salsman, District Media Specialist, is also helping to make the effort work. Salsman had mentioned how not many people come into the library, but numerous students listen to podcasts. Hall had mentioned starting a podcast where students talk about their favorite books. Talk of video has also been mentioned.

“A lot of times high school students are not going to listen to a teacher for a book recommendation that they would rather hear from their peers,” she said.

Mr. Hall has started working on the podcast already. He has assigned work in his class for students to practice recording. From there, the kids who are really interested in being involved will be meeting in wildcat time on Tuesday of every week. They will be recording different books and various chapters of it. The library storage area will be cleaned out and turned into a recording studio. If all goes well, a video broadcast could be a possibility.