New Old Teachers 2022

Nik Paulk, Writer

Taylor Jones:

Diamond’s new 7-12 art teacher has a busy schedule. Mrs. Taylor Jones is also the assistant coach for volleyball and head coach for the junior high track. Jones said is enjoying her new room, especially the ceiling tiles. Furthermore she is no stranger to teaching as she has been teaching for 5 years. Mrs. Jones’s first job was not as a teacher though, it was on a baseball field.

Jones comes to Diamond from Booneville, Mo.  


Tajhe Turner:

Diamond’s new biology instructor Tajhe Turner who is the new Missouri stream team. Originally teaching in Decator Arkansas she was also born in Gravette Arkansas. Turner says that her classroom at Diamond is bigger and nicer than her last classroom. She has a lot more resources at Diamond than her last school. Turner says that Diamond High School is bigger than her last school that she was teaching at. She has been teaching for 6 years and wants to stay as a Diamond teacher.

Mrs. Morey English Language Arts Teacher

Mrs. Lydia Morey
English Language Arts Teacher

Lydia Morey:

The LA II/ LA IV teacher is back after having a baby! Miss. Morey is very happy to be back she could not wait. Morey has just taken over after Mrs. Patricks spot to teach Language arts II and Language arts IV. She has enjoyed seeing her new and old students in her classroom, even though she had to introduce herself in fifth week of class.