Student Interview: Alicia Campbell

Alicia Campbell is a hardworking art student.

Angelina Huebner

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Alicia Campbell, a DHS junior, was born in Carthage, MO and has attended many schools in Missouri as well as a few in Kansas. She used to attend the Carthage Jr. High and Granby. She is an ambitious student who likes science. Her favorite subjects are Ecology and Biology because science is a subject that interests her. She says “I’m decent at Language Arts and absolutely terrible at anything math or history related”.

Alicia is involved in some clubs and organizations like many students are, she is involved in Scholar Bowl, International Club, Art Club, and Speech and Debate. When asked what sports, organizations, clubs she wished DHS had she had a very fun and unique answer, she says “I like to dance, and a dance team would allow others to find their own personal likes.” She also mentions a swim team and badminton. Some of Alicia’s hobbies are doodling, dancing, and singing. She points out, “My art style ranges from cartoon-like to realistic. It really depends on how I feel or what I feel fits the overall look.” Her favorite genre of music is K-Pop and some of her favorite artists are A.C.E, Monsta X,  and PLT. 

For our last question, we asked what inspires her. She had a very heart-warming response. She said “My mom. She’s super strong no matter what goes on and I really want to be like that. She amazes me”.