Incoming Fall Coaches

This year, Diamond added two new fall coaches, as well as kept a returning one.

Abigail Harrold and McKinzie Peterson

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Photo By: Abigail Harrold
Coach Shockey, the cross country coach, squints, not realizing the flash was on.

Photo By: Abigail Harrold
Coach Cheek, the new high school volleyball coach.









With fall sports events beginning, many fans focus on the players. However, it’s the people and coaches behind them that shape the team. With new coaches for volleyball and football, as well as a returning coach for cross country, this year’s fall sports’ season will be different.

On Friday nights, many students flock to watch the Diamond Wildcats on the football field. Coach Whitehead, the new football coach, agreed to talk with us. When asked about what he was looking forward to this season, he responded by saying “This year I hope to establish a competitive program. That’s the ultimate goal.” He also expressed that he hopes to make week in and week out improvements. However, while football continues to be a major part of his life, so is his family. When not doing football, he likes to spend as much time as possible with his family, which includes his five kids. Coach Whitehead has a daughter who plays soccer and a son who runs cross county. While Coach Whitehead’s son runs cross county, students at Diamond do as well.

This year’s volleyball team is now led by a new coach. Mrs. Cheek, the new coach, is looking forward to this volleyball and hopes to have a winning season. Outside of volleyball, she is the high school gym teacher, as well as the health teacher. Coach Cheek has been a coach since her senior year of high school. While she loves volleyball, she also loves to spend time with her kids as well as her husband. Cheek also loves reading, as well as spending a lot of time with her friends.

For the Wildcat’s cross country team, Shockey remains the coach. For this season, he hopes to collect conference titles. He also wanted to add that the team is looking to add more runners to the girls’ team. When he’s not with the team or teaching history classes, he spends time with his wife and two sons. His wife is the Vice President at a bank in Joplin, and they are expecting their third son on Christmas. Along with family time, he likes to read history books, watch Marvel movies, and catch up on sports. While Shockey might be a returning coach, the volleyball team’s coach is not.

For some Diamond High School teams, they have a new coach, while others have a returning leader. This year’s fall sports are sure to be competitive, as well as exciting for Diamond fans to watch.