USFL Week 1 Recap

USFL Week 1 Recap

Jon Corbett, Senior Writer

Welcome to the first edition of USFL Recap! Football is back with the USFL and I will be recapping every week of the season. Week 1 has concluded and we are starting to see how different the USFL will be from the NFL. 



NJ General vs Birmingham Stallions: 24-28

Houston Gamblers vs Michigan Panthers: 17-12

Philadelphia Stars vs New Orleans Breakers: 17-23

Tampa Bay Bandits vs Pittsburgh Maulers: 17-3


Summary of The Games:

The first game of the USFL season kicked off hot with a 49yd pass from Generals QB Luis Perez to Randy Satterfield. This set the Generals up with a chance to score early on in the game. A set of downs later, Randy Satterfield caught the first touchdown of the USFL season, putting the Generals up 7-0. The Stallions weren’t going to let the Generals get away with that though, within two plays of the Stallions’ drive they scored a 35yd touchdown to tie the game up 7-7. For the next 5 drives, the punters got some love, with both teams’ punters having chances to punt with little to no gain on the field. Into the second quarter, Stallions’ QB Alex McGough was picked off, which gave the Generals a chance to score, and after 7 plays they did. The Generals were now up 14-7. The second quarter was uneventful after this with neither team getting any points. The 3rd quarter was also uneventful up until the end, with the Stallions going 80 yards in 9 plays to score a touchdown and tie the game up 14-14. The 4th quarter was by far the most eventful quarter of the game. The Generals were determined to score by their run game and that they did, the first drive of the 4th quarter was back and forth with Generals QB Deandre Johnson and RB Darius Victor running all over the Stallions and the drive eventually ended with Deandre Johnson scoring a rushing touchdown. The score was now 21-14 in favor of the Generals. The Stallions copied the Generals and ran it down the field and scored a touchdown tying it up 21-21. The Generals couldn’t quite the same magic going that they did in their last drive, as they were only able to get a field goal, this still put them up 24-21. With less than 2 minutes left in the game, the Stallions had to score if they wanted to win. In 10 plays they did just that along with killing a lot of the time off the clock, the score was now 28-24 in favor of the Stallions. The Generals got the ball back with 23 seconds and a bunch of hail mary attempts, however, none of them connected and the Stallions took home the first win of the USFL season. The Generals ended the game with 200 total passing yards and 222 rushing yards and the Stallions ended the game with 211 total passing yards and 72 total rushing yards. The Gamblers and Panthers game kicked off Easter Sunday and it wasn’t as exciting as the opening game of the season. The only score in the first quarter was a field goal by the Gamblers, putting them up 3-0 to the Panthers. The second quarter opened up with Michigan QB Shea Patterson fumbling the ball and the Gamblers scoring off it, the Gamblers decided to gamble and go for 2 here, putting them up 11-0. The Panthers struggle continued as they weren’t able to score the next few drives. However, the Gamblers weren’t going to go down the path as they scored another touchdown, and after a missed 2-point conversion they were up 17-0. Coming out of the half the Panthers were determined to turn the game around, as they scored a touchdown to kick off the second half. The score was now 17-6. No one else was able to score in the 3rd but in the 4th the Panthers tried one more time to turn the game around. They scored a touchdown again putting the score to 17-12. The Panthers tried to score again but had no luck, ending the game with the Gamblers winning. The Philadelphia Stars faced the New Orleans Breakers next in the last close game of the weekend. Neither team scored on their opening drives however, on the Stars’ second drive a pick 6 was thrown putting the Breakers up 7-0 in the first quarter. Luck for the Stars’ wasn’t looking so good in the second quarter either, with a blocked punt resulting in a safety giving the Breakers more points, putting them up 9-0. However, the bad luck for the Stars wouldn’t continue as on their next drive they went down the field and scored a touchdown, shortening the score to 9-7. The rest of the second quarter was quiet with neither team being able to score but going into the 3rd quarter the Stars were determined to take the lead. On the first drive, the Breakers had a ball was intercepted giving the Stars great field position, however, they could not get a touchdown and had to settle for a field goal. This still gave them their first lead putting them up 10-9. Both teams struggled in their following drives not being able to score but the Breakers wouldn’t let that last, as they went down the field in 6 plays, scoring a touchdown. A missed 2-point conversion put the Breakers up 17-10. The following drive the Stars wanted to tie the game up quick, and they did. In 2 plays the Stars went down the field to score a touchdown and tie the game up 17-17. The 4th quarter was big for both teams, with them going back and forth the last 3 quarters, one team had to get the edge over the other. On the Breakers’ first drive in the 4th, they did just that. They went down the field and scored a touchdown, but missed an extra point. This put them up 23-17, and this also gave the Stars to take a lead with just a touchdown an extra point. The bad luck for the Stars had returned, with their next to drives resulting in a missed field goal and a fumble. This would be it for the Stars as they couldn’t score in their final drive and the Breakers would chew the clock down, winning the game. The last game played in week one was the Tamba Bay Bandits and Pittsburgh Maulers. This game would be a blowout, with the Bandits scoring all 17 of their points in the first half and the Maulers scoring their only 3 points in the 3rd.