What Will Happen to FBLA Next Year?


As I’m sure everyone has heard by now, Mrs. Garrow is retiring after this school year is over. This means that there will be no one to sponsor FBLA, but never fear, Mrs. Dallas is here! She is taking over FBLA next year. She is very excited to take over FBLA, and thinks it will be more popular this year than last year, since she teaches more classes in the high school than Mrs. Garrow did. They will be doing many of the same things as this year, such as taking this year’s officers, and bumping them up in the ranks, going to districts, and if anyone qualifies, state, and ordering and selling t-shirts. It will be tough to balance both FBLA and DECA, which she will still sponsor, but she plans to balance them both by having lots of documentation on both, and trying to get people to participate and compete in both. In order to be a member and compete in DECA you have to be in one of Mrs. Dallas’s classes, but with FBLA, there is no such requirement. All that is required of you to be a member of FBLA is to pay your dues, have taken a prior business class, attend the FBLA meetings, and compete at districts.