Mrs. Johnson is retiring


Mason Meador, Writer/Reporter

Mrs. Johnson is currently the librarian for both the elementary and high school. She has been teaching for a total of 29 years, and out of those, 20 of them has been spent being a librarian here at Diamond. However before becoming a librarian she taught science. As a science teacher she worked at Wheaten for 5 years, spent 1 year at a private school, and 3 years at Seneca. Her favorite year was her second year at Wheaten due to the good kids she had. Her favorite memory was being able to coach volleyball for her daughter due to being able to spend time with her students outside of school and having a good time. Her goal for her last year is to keep being a good librarian and teacher. In retirement, she looks forward to having more time to travel, spend time with her grand kids, read, and craft. Altogether her teaching career has been a success and she will be missed by her students and staff.