All about the Hawaii Trip!!!


Diamond High School is putting on a trip to Hawaii from June 24th-July 3rd in 2023. You must be a member of Diamond High School in 2024 to go on the trip. There is a forty student limit for the amount that can go on the trip. So far there are five students and three adults who have signed up for the trip, and 20 others are already interested. Mrs. Patterson and Mrs. Shaner are going as the chaperones. The trip is a very new and exciting thing for our school, as we’ve never traveled this far before. It will be a 10 day adventure filled with many activities. It will include doing things such as visiting Pearl Harbor, hiking Diamond Head volcano, doing various cultural activities, and spending a day on Waikiki Beach. If interested, their there is a Google Classroom for students to join and learn more about the trip. The code for the Google Classroom is fb3hxbr.