Mr. Gray: ISS Teacher and Coach


Mason Meador, Writer/Reporter

Mr. Gray is a Diamond High School employee who watches over the ISS class. He also is the head coach for wrestling and baseball, and one of the assistant coaches for football.

A normal day in ISS includes tardies, phone violations, zaps, disciplines, assignments by the principals, squirrely-ness, and just a little bit of everything. Mr Gray’s favorite part about watching over the ISS class is meeting a lot of students, both good and bad. Watching over the ISS class allows Mr. Gray to focus on his sports as much as he needs.

Coming up in the new baseball season, Mr. Gray is mostly looking forward to his veteran team. Due to the team being made up of previous players and having a lot of players on the team he believes they will win a lot. His favorite part about coaching baseball is the number of kids and their differences. Since there are so many kids on the team, the personality of the team is very diverse.

Diamond is grateful to have Coach Gray!