FBLA District Results !


Christian Potter and Matthew Navarro

This years FBLA district competition took place on February, 9th, and was held at Missouri Southern State University. Several people went to the competition to present their project, while others went to find out the results of the tests they previously took. After a long day of competing it was time to find out who would go onto state. Altogether their were a total of 4 students from Diamond that placed in the top 5 for their category. Those people include: CJ Greathouse, Jaxson Mein, Jacob Atkinson, and Monica Harter. Both Jaxson and CJ went up against each other in the agribusiness department, however, no feelings were hurt when both students made it to state. Jaxson took 2nd and CJ was right behind him taking 3rd. Jacob Atkinson was in the cyber-security category and ended up placing 5th, and Monica competed in advertising and landed in 5th place. Overall the team did well, and their are high expectations when going forward to State.