Mr. Beaty’s Science Classes


Mason Meador, Writer/Reporter

Mr. Beaty teaches many science classes, in Diamond High School, including geology, meteorology, physical science, and chemistry. Geology is the study of the Earth, so Mr. Beaty teaches his students about identifying minerals. Mr. Beaty’s favorite part of meteorology, which is the study of weather, is showing students all the different clouds. Physical science is a mix of chemistry, physics, and geology. Mr. Beaty likes the discovery labs of this class and being able to teach students how to create things in the lab area. The last class Mr. Beaty teaches is chemistry which is the study of matter and energy and how they interact. His favorite part of this class is showing students multiple ways to memorize the periodic table. Mr. Beaty’s favorite thing to teach is his geology class because he loves identifying different minerals. He says he loves minerals and he would identify them all day if he could!


Diamond High School loves having Mr. Beaty to teach students new things in so many fields of science!