FBLA District Competition


Christian Potter and Matthew Navarro

FBLA districts are coming in less than a month! On February 2nd, FBLA will be competing at Missouri Southern for the annual districts event. The meeting will have an estimated six hundred students and teachers, with multiple schools from several districts competing. The people from Diamond who are planning on competing include Jacob Atkinson in cyber security, Madison Dillon in job interview and personal finance, C.J Greathouse in agribusiness, Monica Harter in advertising, Jackson Mein in agribusiness, Hailey Noah in business law, Sladen Perrin in accounting, Raele Smith in personal finance, and Chloe Transeau in journalism. Of those, we have three repeat students who made it to state last year and are hoping to place top 5 this year. Although their is a chance of the event going virtual once again, as of now it is said to be in person and were expecting great results.