One Diamond Player Makes History!


Wesley Roughton , Editor

On Tuesday, January 4th, Diamond faced College Heights as their first competition at home for the 2022 season. While College Heights was a tough opponent, Diamond player, Hunter Shallenburger, was on the brink of making school history. Hunter came into the game with a career score of 992 points in his high school basketball career. He was only 8 points shy of 1,000. Hunter managed to put up five points over the course of the game, and found himself only needing three points to hit his goal. He took his chances by going in for a successful layup, which lead to a foul shot that brought his career total to 999 points. Hunter went for the free throw and made it getting his 1,000th point. The gym went ecstatic with students holding up banners, and receiving applause from the audience and opposing team. Diamond ended up going on to lose the game but the night was still special for Hunter Shallenburger and the Wildcat Nation. Congratulations to Hunter for reaching 1,000 career points. Diamond heads to Seneca on Friday hoping to beat Seneca on their homecoming night.