Breakfast of Champions


Mr. Falling

Middle school leadership class prepares breakfast for teachers

Ragan Bolt, Writer

Friday, November 5th the Middle school Leadership class cooked breakfast for the Diamond middle school teachers. The students had to prepared a menu, and to decided prices for the teacher’s breakfast. The students chose to serve it in room 13. The Leadership students stayed after school and prepared some of the breakfast items. Then the morning of the breakfast the Leadership students got to school extra early to fix the rest of the food. They started serving the teachers, administration, maintenance staff, bus drivers, and paras at 6:45 that morning. It went on until 8:30, and once they served all the workers they got to enjoy the breakfast themselves. Afterwards they cleaned everything up, and many students said they enjoyed getting to serve breakfast. Their were also many teachers and staff who attended that commented on appreciating the breakfast. Even the sponsors commented that despite all the work, it was a huge success. Also it was fun working with the group of students.

Middle school leadership class prepares breakfast for teachers (Mr. Falling)