Diamond Chapter Barnwarming

Diamond Chapter Barnwarming

Madison Bentley , Editor

This past Friday, Diamond FFA Chapter hosted their annual barn warming event! Barn warming is a dance for kids enrolled in an agriculture class or FFA. At this year’s barn warming we had candidates from each class play a series of games and raise money. The candidates this year were Parker Wright, Malorie Beck, Callie Sweet, Landen Adams, Campbell Fraizer, Alex Brown, Victoria Apfelbaum, and Jaxson Mein. The games included were hammer nails on a board, putting makeup on the boys, and even dancing with an apple! This year’s winners were the sophomores, Callie Sweet and Landen Adams.

Barn warming isn’t all games though. There are many dances to get in! These dances include footloose, fishing in the dark, and many more! The chapter also provides food for barn warming as this year we had walking tacos with a variety of desserts!

If you are in an agriculture class or involved in FFA, this is a great way to have fun and get more involved in your chapter!

FFA with also be hosting a Christmas party soon so stay tuned!