Meet Giacomo Pisoni


Sianna Jones, Writer

Earlier this week Giacomo Pisoni, one of Diamond’s foreign exchange students, was interviewed about how his experience in America and Diamond High School has been. We asked him the basic questions like where he was from in which he responded Bologna, Italy. We asked how America has been so far and he responded,”America so far has been great for me I am really enjoying it here even though it is really different from my home.” We then asked how Diamond High school has been in which he said “the school system here is so different from what I’m used to, but I’m definitely liking it here.” We asked his opinion on the food here in which he said “The food is really different. I tried Olive Garden which is the italian food idea here and it’s quite different than what I’m used to.” Giacomo said everyone he has met in America has been very welcoming and kind. We asked him what he wished was different and he responded “the food totally because here all the food is fast food. That is pretty much it.” The last question we asked Giacomo was about his host family. He said “they have been totally welcoming to me and has been teaching me a lot of stuff word wise with my English grammar and culture and I really enjoy them. They are like a second home to me and I even wish we could spend time with each other even after this experience. Arrivederci!” That translates to goodbye in Italian.