Serenity Greathouse Won 2nd Place at Debate Conference.


Ragan Bolt, Interwiew/ Reporter

Serenity Greathouse and the Diamond High School Debate team went to a conference at Carthage High School on October 23rd. There Serenity performed her poetry speech in front of a group of judges.  There were different categories for this event such as, extemp, domestic extemp, informative, pros, poetry, dramatic interpretation, and  humorous interpretation. We asked Serenity some questions about her speech and these were her answers. First we asked her what event she competed in and she said, “I did a pro’s piece, and basically that is a one act play that you can use a script on.” We then asked her if she was nervous about competing and she told us, “I wasn’t really nervous going in at first but as I walked into the room where I saw the judges, I started to panic. The moment I found out I was in the finals I started to get nervous because everyone I was competing against was very good.” Finally we asked how long it took her to prepare her speech and to prepare for giving her speech she responded with, “It took quite a bit to prepare because I had to figure out all of the voices and how to transition between characters. I prepared by practicing my piece over and over, getting it in my head, and getting really comfortable with it.”  Serenity Greathouse ended up placing 2nd  in present poetry!