Gettin’ Real with Game Club.

Matthew Navarro, Writer/Reporter

We interviewed Mr. Beaty, the game club sponsor, and asked him five questions about game club. Here are his responses to our questions.

Christian: What is Game Club?

Mr. Beaty: Game Club used to be card games and board games, but is now in the process of changing towards e-sports and video games.

Christian: What does Game Club do?

Mr. Beaty: We form a team and go compete in e-sports events against other schools.

Christian: How do you join Game Club?

Mr. Beaty: Meetings are usually on Thursdays, but they are currently on hold at the moment.

Christian: Why did you decide to sponsor Game Club?

Mr Beaty: I like playing games, and e-sports helps kids who are not athletes get scholarships easier.

Christian: What would you say to people considering joining Game Club?

Mr. Beaty: Join us and see how you like Game Club.