Track Is Back!


Jacey Starks, Editor/Writer/Photographer

Track is back, Wildcats! It’s almost spring time which means spring sports will be starting up soon! For all of those interested in running track this year, there will be a meeting in Wildcat Time on Wednesday, February 24th. This meeting is for students who are planning to sign up for track and have a list of all the events that are available to participate in. The first practice will be held on Monday, March 1st after school until 5:00 pm. Track is always looking for new athletes, so be at the meeting tomorrow!

There are many events available in track and not all involve running! There is long and triple jump, high jump, pole vault, relays, sprints, long distance, discus, shot put, hurdles, and javelin. Any track member can participate in up to 4 events or less. It is a great way to stay active and have fun! If you are interested in joining our Diamond Track Team, please attend the meeting scheduled for Monday, March 1st in Wildcat Time. We look forward to seeing everyone and having a great and successful season!