National Counselor Appreciation Week


Bella Lankford and Daniel Potter

February 1st to February 5th was National Counselor Appreciation Week. We decided to interview Mrs. Slagle about what being a school counselor is like.

Question: What are some things that counselors do for students?

Mrs. Slagle helps students choose their classes and helps them with their career paths. She also plans with teachers, even going as far as teaching social and emotional classes and helping kids in crisis.

Question: What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a counselor?

Mrs. Slagle says the advantages of being a counselor include having a great job and everyday is something different. She loves knowing the students and helping them with their classes and career choices.

She says the only disadvantage of her job is the stress.

Question: What do counselors do on a daily basis?

Mrs. Slagle’s day is different everyday, but mostly consists of future planning and other class related topics, as well as crisis counseling.

Question: What qualities should a counselor have?

“The qualities that a counselor should have are empathy, compassion, flexibility, have good boundaries, and to like students.”

Question: Is being a counselor stressful?

Mrs. Slagle said that being a counselor is stressful, but never distressing.