Landon Clement Hits 100!


Jacey Starks, Editor/Writer/Photographer

Let’s give Landon Clement (11) a big round of applause!

On January 26th, Landon hit his 100th career win in wrestling! As the Battlecats traveled to Lone Jack for their matches, he was able to declare victory with a pin fall to add up to 100 successful wins for his wrestling record. Landon is very dedicated to his wrestling career and a determined athlete who works hard to get where he is. He is a great teammate to his fellow wrestlers and gives everything he has in every match.

We were able to get insight on Landon about his wrestling years as well as what he thinks the underclassmen should know as they grow.

Jacey Starks (12): “How many years have you been wrestling?”

Landon: “I’ve been wrestling for thirteen years.”

Jacey: “How does it feel to earn your 100th career win?”

Landon: “The pride and feeling of accomplishment was unreal, but I knew I still had more work to do.”

Jacey: “What is some advice you’d give to the underclassmen?”

Landon: “Just know that through all the struggle, there’s always success no matter how long it takes.”

Thank you, Landon! We wish you the best of luck throughout the rest of your wrestling years!