Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Beaty


Monica Harter and Wesley Roughton

For this week’s teacher spotlight we interviewed a third year Diamond teacher, Mr. Beaty. He came to Diamond after hearing about the open chemistry position. He previously taught at Neosho for ten years. Throughout his career he has taught everything from chemistry and geology to meteorology, with chemistry being his favorite. On top of that, he is also in charge of both the stream team and game club. However outside of his wide range of teaching positions he likes to spend his free time kayaking, rock climbing, and doing all kinds of things outdoors. Even with his very active life, he said that his favorite part of the job was definitely the students. He loves his job and his only preference over teaching would be to actually live out what he teaches and become a hands on geologist out in the field. Finally when we asked for a quote he simply summed things up by saying,” I collect rocks, and I know things. That’s what I do.” Thank you Mr.Beaty for being an excellent teacher and role model!