Cattleman’s Congress

Cattleman's Congress

Zach Baird, Reporter

Cattleman’s Congress was in place of the Denver National Western Stock show this year. The Congress was a large scale cattle sale with multiple breeds. A few of your fellow classmates in the Ag department attended the Congress with Mr. McWilliams in Oklahoma City. The Gelbvieh show consisted of a bull futurity show, breeding show, and national Gelbvieh sale. The bull futurity show is where all of the Gelbvieh breeders that have a futurity bull enter the ring. All of the breeders pick their favorites and then the top three go back into the ring. The breeders then pick the bulls they like. Once all of the ballots are turned in they count them and determine the winner. The winner will run the bull through the national sale and the second place gets 10% of the bid. The following day is the breed show for pure bred and Balancer cattle. There is also a pin show where breeders put their best cattle in groups of 3 to 10 or even more and the breeders judge the best sets of cattle. On the second to last day of the show they hold the National Gelbvieh sale followed by the breeder banquet. This show is very beneficial to the breed and breeders because it gives an opportunity to market their stock and find ways to improve their personal herd.