Wildcats vs Cougars


Jacey Starks, Editor/Writer/Photographer

On Tuesday night (01/05), the boys traveled to the Ozark Christian College to compete against the College Heights Cougars. The stands were packed and the crowd was ready to cheer on their team. Unfortunately, two of Diamond’s varsity players had to sit out due to unforeseen circumstances but could still be on the bench to encourage their teammates. It was a late night but full of excitement.

As the game began, the Wildcats pulled ahead of the Cougars (5-3). The crowd went wild as two of the Wildcats, Tucker Macy (11) and Tyler Daniels (10), were successful in shooting consecutive three-pointers. At the end of the first quarter the score was in the Wildcats’ favor of 10-7. In the second quarter, the Cougars were able to catch back up quickly and ended the second quarter over the Wildcats. Unfortunately, the team was struggling without their normal varsity starting team but were still hustling on the court and fought hard. When the third quarter ended the Wildcats were only down by ten points (28-18). Another exciting quarter happened towards the end of the game as Tyler Daniels (10) and Hunter Shallenburger (11) both sunk three-pointers. Although the boys were unable to defeat the Cougars, they played very well and had great plays (45-27).

The Wildcats will play again on Friday, January 8th at 6:00 pm. The boys will be going up against the Seneca Indians at home. Come and support the Diamond Wildcats on Friday night! Good luck boys!