Thomas Jefferson Takes Down the Wildcats


Jacey Starks, Editor/Writer/Photographer

Last night resulted in a tough loss against the Thomas Jefferson Cavaliers. The Diamond Wildcats traveled to Thomas Jefferson for their game on Monday, December 7th. Unfortunately, it did not rule in the Wildcats’ favor.

In the first quarter, the Wildcats were able to score a total of 11 points while the Cavaliers scored 24 points. It was not enough to catch back up after this fall. It was very possible, but sadly, they were unable to rise back up after this quarter. At halftime, the score rose to 20-45 with Cavaliers still in the lead. However, the Diamond supporters refused to give up on the Wildcats. No matter what the score showed, they still cheered loud for their home team. You could see how much the Wildcats wanted to rise above this game by their actions and faces on the court. After much effort was put into this game, the Cats fell to the Cavaliers with an end score of 45-77. It was a tough loss for the Cats, but the support never ends. Good game Wildcats!

As the Wildcats will use this loss for their own benefit, they will compete in the Seneca Boys Basketball Tournament this weekend. Their first game will be on Thursday night at Seneca. Good luck boys!