Diamond Lady Wildcats Advance Further In Gem City Classics


Jacey Starks, Editor, Writer, Photographer

On Wednesday (12/2), the Diamond Lady Wildcats played McAuley in the Gem City Classics Basketball Tournament. The girls showed a lot of great effort and skills as they battled to have a chance at championship.

Both teams had the crowd on their feet as they played each other. It was a nail biter of a game. The first quarter was very successful as it ended with the Wildcats up by three with a score of 16-13. As the second quarter began, you could tell both Diamond and McAuley wanted to win this game. The 2nd quarter also resulted in the Cats above the Warriors (28-25). After taking a short break at halftime, McAuley was eager to rise above the Wildcats that night. After many points were scored, McAuley rose above Diamond with a final 3rd quarter score of 37-41, Warriors taking the lead. In the fourth quarter, it was up to either team on whoever wanted to win to be that much closer to championship. The Lady Wildcats were successfully able to pass the Warriors taking the lead once again. With only 38 seconds left, the McAuley Warriors were only two points behind the Cats (51-49). At the end of the game, Taaron Drake (9) was able to get a chance at two free throws with eight seconds left on the clock. As a result, the Wildcats came out on top with a final score of 53-49. They are currently undefeated in their season and will play for 1st place at 4:00 pm in the high school gym. Good luck ladies!