Drive Through Nativity @ Church in Joplin, MO


Gabriela Vizueth , Reporter, Editor, Photographer

Christ’s Community Church in Joplin hosted a drive through nativity scene Thursday, December 3rd. They decided to do a drive through nativity whenever Joplin went into a second mask ordinance and people have to maintain social distancing. The people stay in their cars and “drove” their way to Bethlehem. Music was played in their cars through a certain radio station aired by the church and each car is given a paper with a story for each section of the nativity scene. There were multiple students from Diamond that participated and volunteered an hour of their time on that cold, drizzly night. Gabriela Vizueth (12) and Bella Lankford (10) played as one of the Mary’s in the nativity scene as well as many Diamond elementary students. There are also live donkeys and horses featured during the event to make the nativity as life like as possible.  It was also live streamed with KSN and can be found on their website for a full walk through of the event. There will be a second opportunity to go and enjoy the drive through nativity on Saturday, December 5th.