Three Points For Our “Nothing But Net” Interview with Coach Adams!


Jarron Hembree, Reporter/Writer

Hey you crazy cats! This week I interviewed Coach Adams, the high school boy’s basketball coach!

Jarron Hembree- How do you think the season will go?

Coach Adams- “This season is going to be exciting and fun because this year we have a very tough schedule, but also a group of guys that will step up to the challenges. There will be no gimmie’s this year, but we can compete with each and every team. We must play our best to win.”

Jarron Hembree-  Who do you feel has improved this year?

Coach Adams- “I feel like everyone who has shown up to our summer weights and events have improved drastically.”

Jarron Hembree- How do you think our next match up will go.

Coach Adams- “Our next match up will be Thomas Jefferson on Monday, December 7 at their court. They beat us twice last year and we are hungry to steal a win at their at their home court.”

Jarron Hembree- How long have you been Coaching and teaching?

Coach Adams- “I coached at Lamar for three years and this is my second year coaching at diamond. I have been teaching for five years in total.”

Jarron Hembree- What is the most exciting game you have ever played in and why?

Coach Adams- “My junior year of high school we went to the state tournament semi-finals that was hosted at Mizzou and there was a huge crowd! It was also with my brother who was a senior at the time which was an awesome moment to share with him.”

Jarron Hembree- Wesley Roughton(11) wants to know how tall you were when you graduated high school.

Coach Adams- “I graduated high school being 6’7.”

Jarron Hembree- Daniel Potter(10) wants to know how much you squatted when you graduated college.

Coach Adams- “I finished with a max of 335lbs but I had gotten into a car accident my last year at college that injured my leg so I wasn’t able to “max out” at my best.”

Well Folks! That’s a wrap on my interview with our amazing Head Coach of the Diamond Wildcats Boy’s Basketball Team!