Eagles over Wildcats in the Gem City Classic Basketball Tournament


Luke Lawson

On Thursday night (12/3), the Diamond Wildcats battled the Purdy Eagles in the Gem City Classic Basketball Tournament. Both teams were battling it out to be one step closer to the championship that will be held on Saturday at 6:00 pm in the high school gym.

As the game was about to begin, it opened with the National Anthem which was beautifully sang by Destiny Malcom (11). The game was off to a great start as Luke Lawson (12) got the tip off to one of his teammates. After lots of hustling and determination, the first quarter ended with Wildcats taking the lead with a score of 16-15. Unfortunately, during the 2nd quarter, the Eagles caught up to the Wildcats taking the lead. After the 2nd quarter was over, the score ended with the Wildcats down by only 4 points (18-22). After halftime, the Cats were unable to catch back up to the Eagles to advance closer to the championship. After much hustle and effort put into this game, Diamond was defeated by Purdy with a final score of 39-55.

The Diamond Wildcats will play again to fight for 3rd place in the tournament on Saturday (12/5) at 2:30 pm. They will play in the high school gym against Galena. Good Luck Wildcats!