Gem City Classics Basketball Tournament


Jacey Starks, Editor, Writer, Photographer

On Tuesday, December 1st, the boys played their hearts out on the court. To start off the Gem City Classics basketball tournament, the boys basketball team nailed their first game. They started off the first quarter strong as they played against Wheaton. They crushed the first quarter by scoring 22 points bringing the score up to 22-10. After the second quarter, the Bulldogs were able to catch back up to the Wildcats but still trailed behind by 3 points with a score of 29-26. The Cats had a very successful 3rd quarter as they were not giving this game up. They ended the third quarter by scoring another 21 points and still leaving Wheaton behind (50-37). The Wildcats had the crowd on their feet as they played very well. The final score over the Bulldogs was 64-55. Great job Wildcats! They now will advance in the bracket to play Thursday night against the Purdy Eagles. Good luck boys! Here are the top scorers of the game:

Luke Lawson (12): 24

Hunter Shallenburger (11): 17

Ty McDermott (10): 10

Eli Cupp (10): 5

Blake Grube (11): 4

Blake Irwin (9): 3

Tyler Daniels (10): 1