“Finals Week Is Coming To Town”

Bella Lankford, Daniel Potter, and Emily Meador

Finals week will be held the last two days before Christmas break, but this year the normal rules of who takes finals and who doesn’t are different! Due to COVID, finals are based solely on grades, disciplinary referrals, and detentions. The two days before the break, the  17th and 18th, will be split up with one day having finals for classes during the odd hours(1,3,5, and 7) in student’s schedules, and the other having even hours(2,4, and 6).

The building principal, Mr. Mettlach, sent out an email to all high school students containing the information about finals and exemptions. The information was as follows:

Exempting a Final
Students who have an A or a B with no days off ISS will be allowed to exempt a final and not take it.
For example:
Student John Doe has an A in Algebra 1 but a C in American History, John Doe can exempt his Algebra 1 final but will have to take the American History Final.
Attendance on Final Days
All students are required to attend school on 12/17 and 12/18, yes even if they exempt all of their finals. We will have tons of fun activities and treats set up in the HS Gym and Commons, I promise you it will be a good time and you will not want to miss it.
Taking Finals Early:
Not permitted, students are not allowed to take finals before 12/17 or 12/18. The final must be taken on the day that it is scheduled for. (This doesn’t include Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit Courses)
Permission for Exemption
Permission Slips for exemption will go out on Friday December 11th and must be returned to the HS Office on Tuesday December 15. You will be required to go to each teacher’s class that you are exempting and have them sign off that you have an A or a B. If , come final day you do not have an A or a B and/or you receive discipline you will be required to take that final.