Basketball Season is Here!


Jacey Starks, Editor, Writer, Photographer

Basketball season has officially begun for the Wildcats! Last Friday, on November 13th, the boys and girls basketball team traveled to Jasper to participate in their annual jamboree to kick off the season. A jamboree is a preseason contest intended for teams to scrimmage each other and get in practice before regular seasonal games.

It was a successful night for the varsity boys basketball team as they went 3-0 playing Jasper, Bronaugh, and NEVCO (Northeast Vernon County). The Wildcats are determined to make it a wild and successful season this year and are ready to start regular season games to show the other teams what they can do. They definitely showed their determination on the court at the jamboree and will continue to work hard throughout the season. As for the varsity girls basketball team, they were able to defeat NEVCO but lost against Jasper (1-0). Even though they were unable to beat the Jasper Eagles, they still showed a lot of potential and hard work on the court that night. There’s no doubt that the girls will have a great season and show a lot of promise at each game. It was a good way to start off the season for both teams. Good luck to both teams with the rest of the season, and we hope you will accomplish so much this year.