NHS Spaghetti Feed


Wesley Roughton and Monica Harter

On Monday, November 9th, the National Honor Society held a spaghetti feed to thank the teachers.  We would like to thank the teachers for all the hard work that they have put in. We understand the obstacles that teachers have had to overcome due to restrictions from Covid-19. The spaghetti feed was to thank the teachers for all their hard work. All of the food was homemade and prepped by the National Honor Society. We asked Ms. Patterson (a teacher) and Jaxson Mein (an NHS member) their thoughts on the spaghetti feed.

Wesley (11): “What did you think of the food?”

Ms. Patterson: “The spaghetti was delicious and the brownies were amazing.”

Wesley (11): “How were the servers?”

Ms. Patterson: “They did a really good job. They gave us food and refills, and even picked up our plates when we were done.”

Wesley (11): “How many teachers showed up to the feed?”

Ms. Patterson: “Almost all of the teachers seemed to be there.”

Wesley (11): ” How was the overall experience?”

Ms. Patterson: “The experience was very good and enjoyable. I would love to have it again.”

Wesley (11): “Do you have any other comments you would like to say?”

Ms. Patterson: “I thought the video of the students saying what they appreciated about the teachers was very heartwarming.”

We then asked Jaxson Mein questions about the spaghetti feed.

Wesley (11): “What time did you guys start the spaghetti feed?”

Jaxson (11): “We arrived at 10AM and started cooking. We then fed the teachers at 11.”

Wesley (11): ” Were there very many teachers there?”

Jaxson (11): “It seemed that the majority of the teachers were there.”

Wesley (11): “How was the experience?”

Jaxson (11): “The experience was good, and I really liked it. It was nice to give back to the teachers.

From all of the students at Diamond High School, we want to say thank you to all the teachers out there who work hard to prepare us for our future.