Chapter FFA Barnwarming 2020


2020 Barnwarming attendees

Zach Baird, Reporter/Writer

Diamond FFA held their annual Barnwarming Friday (11/6/2020). During Barnwarming, there is dancing and games for the king and queen candidates. This year we had to hold it mostly outside due to Covid-19. Even though we had this small curb, it was still legendary according to students. Games that were held for contestants were bolts on a stick, tic tac pie dig, donut fishing, puff ball pong, and a blind duo barrel race. The contestants were also asked to raise money, and whoever raised the most got points towards winning king and queen. This year, we raised $570! The winners of the 2020 Barnwarming king and queen were Allison Brown and Trenton Odom! I think it is safe to say Barnwarming 2020 was a haul of fun!

2020 Barnwarming attendees
2020 king and queen candidates
2020 King: Trenton Odom and Queen: Allison Brown
Donut Fishing
Puff Ball Pong
Tic Tac Pie Dig
Bolt on a Stick