Mattilee Carroz’s Spotlight Solo!

Jarron Hembree, Reporter/Writer

Mattilee Carroz is a junior here at Diamond High School and she got a solo that she had worked very hard for. She has been heavily involved in Diamond Band and Diamond Choir ever since it was available to her and she has done great work to get where she is now.

Here is my interview with her over her newly acquired choir solo.

Jarron Hembree: First of all, what is your solo?

Mattie Carroz: My solo is “A Million Dreams” from the movie “The Greatest Showman”.

Jarron Hembree: What was your reaction when you got the role for the solo?

Mattie Carroz: I was in disbelief then I got super, super excited!

Jarron Hembree: When will you be singing this solo?

Mattie Carroz: I will be singing this solo in a choir concert on December 17th.