Did you know? (Mountain Lion)


Zach Baird, Reporter/Writer

 The mountain lion is a very large cat with a small head, rounded ears, very powerful shoulders and hindquarters, and a long, thick tail. The coloration in adults is uniform. The top part of their bodies are brownish gray or dark brown to tan or fawn color. Underparts are a dull white with rusted color across the abdomen. The sides of the muzzle are black, and the chin and throat are white. The last two to three inches of the tail are black as well. Mountain lions are carnivorous and eat mainly deer and small mammals, but they will also occasionally prey on fowl and fish when the opportunity comes. A large portion of the deer they consume are already injured or sick when they are harvested. The average cat will eat about 35 deer per year! If food is scarce, they will even take on another mountain lion to eat. The mountain lion is a vital part of our ecosystem but is hardly seen in abundance.