Pink Out- ‘Blocking’ Out Cancer


Jacey Starks, Editor, Writer, Photographer

October is the month of awareness for breast cancer. To honor this awareness, people wear the color pink and all throughout the month of October, it is worn at many events. To show the support of this awareness, the volleyball team dedicated a day to wearing pink and honoring those who have had it or is currently fighting it.

On Tuesday, October 20, the Lady Wildcats went up against the Ash Grove Pirates on their own home court. Before the game, the volleyball team decided to decorate the gym for breast cancer awareness. They put up light pink and dark pink streamers on railings and hung pink balloons all over the gym. Ash Grove took the first and second set from the Wildcats by two points on each set. Both teams were battling for the win on each set, but the Wildcats fell just short of the win. Refusing to lose the third set, Diamond played an excellent game on the third set and took it from the Pirates. Unfortunately, the Lady Wildcats weren’t able to defend their home court last night but played very well nonetheless.

After the varsity game, it was the JV team’s turn to fight their battle. In the first set, Diamond JV was down by many points in the beginning. Realizing what they are made of and what they can do, they brought themselves back up from it and defeated the JV Pirates in the first set. As the second set came, both teams were eager for the win. Both teams fought hard in the second set, but the JV Wildcats took the win against Ash Grove with a final score of 27-25. Congratulations to the JV Wildcats on your win!

Good job to both teams for playing hard and not giving up. Their last official season game is on Thursday, October 22 against the College Heights Cougars at Diamond. The JV will go first at 6:00 pm, and varsity will follow. Come out to support the Lady Wildcats on their last game! Good luck Diamond!