Football Athlete of the Week: Cody Behler


Jacey Starks, Editor, Writer, Photographer

Congratulations to Cody Behler (12) for being chosen as Athlete of the Week for football this week!

Cody is a 17 year old senior who has been playing football since his sophomore year. Cody is not only a good teammate to his team but a good motivator too. He also has been involved in wrestling since 4th grade and played football from 3rd grade to 8th grade and resumed playing his sophomore year.

We interviewed Cody to learn more about him and his seasons of football. We learned about what he thinks he could improve on and what his accomplishments are in his sport.

Jacey Starks (12): “What’s your biggest accomplishment in football?”

Cody Behler: “Making varsity on football for 3 years.”

Jacey: “Name something you’re proud of about yourself that you’ve done in your sport this year.”

Cody: “I’m proud that I’m 9 tackles ahead of the next person.”

Jacey: “What do you wish to improve before your season ends?”

Cody: “I want to improve on my tackling.”

Jacey: “What’s your favorite ice cream topping?”

Cody: “Cookie dough.”

Thank you, Cody, and good luck to you and your team. We hope you achieve your goals and make more accomplishments in your life.