Volleyball Athlete of the Week: Makaylynn Lafferty

Volleyball Athlete of the Week: Makaylynn Lafferty

Jacey Starks and Emily Meador

Congratulations to Makaylynn Lafferty (9) for being chosen as Athlete of the Week for volleyball!

Makaylynn is a 15 year old freshman and has been playing volleyball for 7 years. Her positions in volleyball are middle hitter and right side hitter. Makaylynn was able to earn a spot on varsity her first year in high school and has worked hard to keep it. She is a hustler and always tries to lift her teammates up when she sees that they need it. She has a good attitude, she works hard, and has much potential.

The Prowl had a chance to interview her for being chosen for this week. We learned about her biggest accomplishment as well as what she thinks she needs to improve on.

Jacey Starks (12): “What’s your biggest accomplishment in volleyball?”

Makaylynn: “Playing varsity as a freshman.”

Jacey: “Name something you’re proud of about yourself that you’ve done in volleyball this year?”

Makaylynn: “Putting up big outside blocks with Kilyn.”

Jacey: “what do you wish to improve before your season ends?”

Makaylynn: “My hits.”

Jacey: “What’s your favorite ice cream topping?”

Makaylynn: “Oreos.”

We wish you luck for the rest of your years in volleyball and hope you achieve your goals.