Football Homecoming 2020


Bella Lankford and Daniel Potter

The football homecoming game against Lockwood will be happening October 23, 2020, starting at 7:00 p.m with the homecoming candidates being announced before the National Anthem and the beginning of the game. The candidates are as follows: Janalyn Kralicek and Landon Adams for the freshmen; Campbell Frasier and Alex Brown for sophomores; Landon Clement and Lexi Bridges for juniors; Grace Irwin, Jacey Starks, and Gabby Vizueth for the senior girls; Zach Baird, Luke Lawson, and Sean Dalton for senior boys. The homecoming dance will be starting after the football game and will be held on the football field this year due to COVID 19 guidelines. Students from other schools are not permitted to come to the dance, but Diamond students who will be attending will need to dress accordingly to the weather, as well as pay three dollars to get in.