Cross Country Athlete of the Week: Ry-Lynn Owens


Jacey Starks, Editor, Writer, Photographer

Congratulations Ry-Lynn Owens (11)! You have been chosen as Athlete of the Week for cross country for the week of 10/5!

Ry-Lynn Owens is a junior in high school who runs cross country for Diamond High School. She’s been running for two years and has a contagious smile. She makes a lot of people laugh and has learned a lot about herself through these past years. We interviewed her and found out about her improvements as well as what excites her the most in her sport.

We wish you the best of luck as you go about the rest of your season. We hope you achieve your goals and support you the whole way, Ry-Lynn.


Jacey Starks (12): “What do you like most about the sport you play?”

Ry-Lynn: “My favorite thing about cross-country is how close you grow to your team. Cross country usually has a smaller team than most other sports, at least for Diamond. I’m comfortable with everyone on my team, and we can all have fun together.”

Jacey: “How have you improved in your sport these past few years?”

Ry-Lynn: “Honestly, I’ve improved a lot on learning how to pace myself. It’s really important in my sport that you can do that. If you start off too fast, you’ll be too tired for the rest of the race to get a good placing, but if you don’t start off fast enough, then it’s hard to get a good place as well. It’s not a short race. It’s three miles, so you have to be able to keep going the whole time.”

Jacey: “What about your sport excites you the most?”

Ry-Lynn: “Honestly, the most exciting part is starting off. Everybody is so anxious standing beside all the other teams, waiting for the gun to go off.”

Jacey: “What’s your favorite Skittle flavor?”

Ry-Lynn: “I don’t like skittles aha.”