Diamond High School’s School Store!



Here is a menu for the School Store

Bella Lankford, Daniel Potter, and Emily Meador

Tuesday, October 6th, the school store also known as Diamond Digs, ran by Mrs. Dallas and her business students, opened up to the high school. The HS store is located in the concession stands by the gym and will be open every Tuesday and Friday during Wildcat Time from 2:46 p.m to 3:10 p.m. Students with “gold cards” will be able to buy the items available there. Students with a “bronze card” or lower will have to have their teacher’s permission to go and buy anything from the store. Items that are available to the students will include drinks like Peace Tea and Body Armor, as well as hot and cold coffee. Snacks will also be up for sell, including chips, candy, and popcorn. Prices for the available items range from 50 cents to $2 dollars.