Gabriela Vizueth , Reporter

The Prowl has decided to do a friendly little contest only this time it’s not for the student, but for the teachers! The Prowl has picked one student from the high school and found out 3 interesting facts about them. You can make a guess on who you think the student is and write it down along with your name and give it to any three of The Prowl editors (Jacey Starks, Emily Meador, Gabriela Vizueth). Your vote gets your name put into a drawing to win a teachers gift basket and you can guess as many times as you want. The basket includes these items-

  • 3 chalk paint colors
  • Precision paint brushes
  • 3 foam paint rollers
  • 6 rolls of Washi tape
  • 3 large Waverly stencils
  • package of fun paper paint pallete
  • wooden plaque for painting
  • 2 Elmer’s Craft bond sticks
  • mode podge
  • crafting scissors

The contest will end Friday, October 16th at noon and the winning teacher will be announced that day. Finally, the three facts about the student. Good luck teachers!

  • This student wants to attend college at BYU-Idaho
  • This student will be a 13 year senior
  • This student’s favorite color is pink and/or teal