Wildcats Battle Tigers


Jacey Starks, Editor, Writer, Photographer

On Monday, September 28th, the volleyball team traveled to Lamar to compete against the Lamar Tigers on their senior night. The ladies were very eager to get back on the court after the weekend and ready to fight for a good spot in districts.

The C team only had one set to prove themselves Monday night. After they were down about ten points in the middle of the game, they were able to bring themselves back up from it. Sadly, after putting up a good fight with the Tigers, they fell to them by only two points (28-26).

The JV team played a good game. They struggled their first set against the Lamar Tigers but were able to play much harder their second set. They had the crowd on their feet as the points were side by side toward the end. Unfortunately, the JV team was only two points down with a score of 27-29. We wish you girls the best of luck for your next game and hope you play your hardest.

The beginning of the Varsity game was a little rough for the Wildcats. They fell to the Tigers in the first set with a score of 10-25 and the second set with a score of 13-25. They knew they could not leave that gym without doing their absolute best, and the third set was a crowd favorite. Diamond was down the first half of the set, and they turned it around quick. The points were neck and neck when the scores hit the 20’s. Each team was eager for the third set win, and it showed. As the Wildcats and Tigers were battling it out on the court, the crowd was on their feet cheering for their home team to take the win. Since the winning team has to win by two points, the Wildcats brought the score up to 24-24. They only had two more points to get, and the set was theirs. Sadly, they lost their third set with a final score of 30-28 as they fought their hearts out on the court. Great job last night ladies. Good luck at your next game!