What do fireworks, chocolate chip cookies, and potato chips have in common? They were all accidents!!


Gabriela Vizueth , Reporter

Have you ever been going through your day and realized someone somewhere had to come up with the crazy invention for everyday items we love today? No? Well, here is an actual list of things that we use everyday and didn’t even realize they were invented in accident!

First up on the list, Chocolate chip cookies. Ruth Wakefield, owner of The Toll House Inn, was simply trying to make plain chocolate cookies. Whenever she was mixing the cookie dough she realized she was out of baker’s chocolate. Instead, she used broken up sweetened chocolate as a substitute. She hoped that the chocolate chunks would just melt and turn the regular dough into chocolate dough but instead the little chunks just stayed. Therefor, created chocolate chip cookies.

Potato chips! Yes, potato chips mere made on accident. George Crum was a chef at the Carey Moon Lake House in Saratoga Springs when a customer came in and sent back his plate of potatoes multiple times because they weren’t fried or thin enough. After this Crum got mad with the customer and sliced the potatoes super thin and fried them until they were crisp and hard as a rock. He sent the plate back out to the customer and he LOVED them and wanted more.

Do you watch a firework show on the fourth of July in the summer? Well, those too were made on accident by an unknown cook in China. Legend has it that the cook was simply “experimenting” in the kitchen when he mixed charcoal, sulfur,and saltpeter together. Saltpeter was a common kitchen item 2000 years ago. He compressed the mixture in a bamboo tube (no idea why he did that) and it exploded!