Football Athlete of the Week: Arian England


Jacey Starks, Editor, Photographer

Congratulations Arian England (9)! You have been chosen as Athlete of the Week for the week of 9/21!


Jacey Starks (12): “What’s your favorite part of the sport you play (football)?”

Arian: “I enjoy getting to play with my teammates and having the memories of the past years to talk about. It’s really fun to talk about what happened in the past during the football season.”

Jacey: “What would be your ultimate achievement in football this year?”

Arian: “My ultimate achievement in football is to just have a good season and have a good, hard working team that wants to put up those wins.”

Jacey: “What about your sport brings you the most joy?”

Arian: “I enjoy winning a lot, I also enjoy working with my teammates and just having fun.”

Jacey: “What do you order at McDonald’s?”

Arian: “I usually order a ten piece chicken nugget, large fry, and a medium coke.”

Thank you, Arian! We wish you the best of luck with your achievement and the rest of the season!