Ice Cream Social


Zach Baird, Reporter, Writer

The Ice Cream Social is a chapter meeting put on every year for the freshmen. They are told about events they can do and what FFA is about. They interact with fellow members and learn all about FFA. They experience their first opening ceremony where parliamentary procedures are practiced. At the end of the ceremony, they are fit for their first FFA jacket and place their orders. At that time they are welcome to ask about events and anything else they may need to know.

Diamond FFA Officer Team (Left to Right: Allison Brown (12), Victoria Apfelbaum (11), Madison Bentley (11), Ally Golian (11), Zach Baird (12), Jaxson Mein (11))
Freshmen asking officers and the advisor questions.
Jernie DeWitt (9) getting fitted for her jacket.