Volleyball Athlete of the Week: Janalyn Kralicek


Jacey Starks, Editor, Photographer

Congratulations, Janalyn Kralicek (9)! You have been chosen as Athlete of the Week for volleyball for the week of 9/14!


Jacey Starks (12): “What are three reasons you enjoy playing volleyball?”

Janalyn: “I love being so competitive, I love the excitement it gives me, and the overall game.”

Jacey: “What qualities make a good teammate in volleyball?”

Janalyn: “Talking, being a good spirit and not getting down on themselves or giving up.”

Jacey: “When did you first start playing volleyball?”

Janalyn: “In 3rd grade.”

Jacey: “What is one word to describe you?”

Janalyn: “Driven.”

Thank you, Janalyn! We wish you the best of luck for the season ahead of you!