Gettin’ Real with Coach Whitehead


Photo by Gabby Vizueth

Hey all you cool cats! My name is Jarron Hembree, and this is my interview with our Dean of Students, Coach Whitehead:

Jarron Hembree: Why did you choose to coach football?

Coach Whitehead: I played football in high school and college, and by that time I knew I wanted to be around that sport. By being a coach, I can be around it constantly.

Jarron Hembree: How do you think we match up against Pierce City tonight?

Coach Whitehead: Very well. We had a very good week of practice, and I feel like we have prepared for this greatly. Now, we know that our strengths play into their weaknesses.

Jarron Hembree: If you were to coach another sport, what would it be?

Coach Whitehead: Track. I love the freedom of being the coach and how the pressure is so low. It’s pure fun at meets.

Jarron Hembree: Ok, Coach, the people want to know how you get your beard to be so fluffy.

Coach Whitehead: I use a beard shampoo and conditioner in the shower then blow dry/brush it after. Then I use a special oil to keep it soft.

Jarron Hembree: Ayden Lorenzen wants to know, “Whats your max bench?”

Coach Whitehead: In college, I benched 345 lbs.

Jarron Hembree: Taaron Drake wants to know, “What is your max squat?”

Coach Whitehead: In college, I squatted 565 lbs.

This concludes my interview with Coach Whitehead.

love u bye <3